As a competitive Professional couple we have the privilege and the Honor to get supported by the best Team of sponsors:

Anita Flavina
Dance Shoes

Anita Flavina Dance Shoes are hand made in Italy. International professional dancers seeking hand made in Italy dance shoes that ozzed stability, comfort and style propositioned Anita Flavina to create their dream premium quality dance shoes collection. They now experience a vast difference in their dancing shoes when they wear our brand.
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Alta Moda Michelini

Michelini" products are totally made in Italy and are exported all over the world.
"Michelini" brand is known and recognized around the World  as one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the Ballroom industry.
 The design laboratory creates and has created clothes for athletes and champions of all national and international Dancers.

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DanceCos Tanning

DanceCos Tanning Company is very famous in the dancesport world for its large high quality range of tanning products made for Professional Ballroom and Latin dancers.
World Champions to future Stars trust in the quality of  this  products and are confident that their appearance will be enhanced.
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